Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 12.18.47 AMI am learning, growing, changing daily. Most nights I am Nocturnal. I am a people person. As much as I like to be around people I also enjoy time for myself. Some of my local hangouts are Portola Coffee, Disneyland, and the beach. I’m addicted to coffee. I don’t like to make plans but I love to live in the moment, of every second, every single day. Music, internet, concerts, and random events consume a large part of my life. Did I mention that I really like coffee?

I design graphics and websites for various companies and projects in Orange County and Los Angeles. If you are looking for a site or design work you are in the right place. Look no further!

Interests: God, Loud music with fancy footwork, Anything Apple (iphone, Macbook Pro), Mustang, Strong Coffee, Hot tubs, Family, Texting, Hollywood, Singing, Web Sites, Graphic art, Staying Up Super Late, Shopping, Google for spell checking, Snow Boarding, Fireworks, Bright Lights, Movies, The Beach, Wii, Meeting New and Different People, Disneyland.

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